Product | Battery Test System
WBCS mid power type
  • Standard model
  • 8 channel battery cycler
  • Channel expandable up to 128 channels
  • Voltage range : ±5V(standard)
  • Max. Current range : ±5A@5V (4 ranges)
  • Max. power per channel : 50Watt
  • Customized specification is available.
      응용 분야


    • Battery cycle life test
    • Supercapacitor test
    • Fuel cell test
    • Solar cell test
    • Material test


    • Standard 8 channel battery cycler
    • Max. power per channel : 50Watt
    • Voltage range : ±5V(standard), user can specify the voltage range within <80V
    • Current range : max. ±5A, 4 ranges (depending on system specification)
    • Voltage/current accuracy : ±0.02% f.s.
    • Sampling time :
      * Without option
        - 8~40 channels system: 10msec
        - 41~80 channels system: 20msec
        - 81~128 channels system: 50msec
      * With option
        - 8~16 channels system: 10msec
        - 17~40 channels system: 20msec
        - 41~80 channels system: 50msec
        - 81~128 channels system: 50msec (2 SIF Boards)
    • Max. 300,000 data point memory on control board
    • Potentiostat/galvanostat circuit
      no switching time (charging to discharging, discharging to charging)
      analog feedback control to keep constant voltage & current
      capability of electrochemical experiments by controlling voltage versus
       nbsp;reference electrode for positive voltage polarity only.
    • High precision
      16bit(0.0015% full scale) ADC, DAC
      MOSFET type linear power supply circuit.
      shield cell cable to prevent EMI noise
    • Safety
      unique “fail check” function: to protect the system and cell, the system
      nbsp;nbsp;will automatically stop when measured value is different from control
      value by battery failure or wrong cell connection etc.
      - system safety parameter: if the measured value is over system specification,
      nbsp;nbsp;the running channel will stop automatically.
      - user defined safety condition setting: user can input safety level following
      nbsp;nbsp;test cell’s chemistry.
      - automatic cell connection check: before experiment, if the cell voltage value
      nbsp;nbsp;is near 0Volt, program gives the warning message for the operator to check
      nbsp;nbsp;the cell connection
      if the operator did press stop function button by mistake, confirmation message
      box appears.

      to prevent over current, poly-switch is located in each channel.
      - watchdog function: stop “running channel(s)” on communication failure.
      - while any channel is running, operator could not close the server program.
      - if main program was down by unstable operating system, independent server
      nbsp;nbsp;program keeps the experiment (control & data acquisition) without dead time.
    • Maintenance & system expansion
      - plug-in type channels
      - power supply per 8 channel
      - easy expansion up to 128 channels by adding plug in channel or by adding 8ch substation
      - each channel has Poly switch instead of fuse.
    • LANcommunication
    • User friendly software
    • Compatible with IVMANTM DC data analysis software without purchasing license code
    • Customized specification available

    Experimental Techniques

    Energy Test

    • CC/CV (Lithium battery) test menu
    • CC/CC (NiCd(NiMH) battery) test menu
    • Steady state CV
    • Pstat IV curve
    • Gstat IV curve
    • EVS (Electrochemical voltage spectroscopy) test
    • GITT (Galvanostatic intemittent titration technique) test
    • PITT (Potentiostatic intermittent titration technique) test

    Electroanalytical techniques

    • Cyclic voltammetry
    • Linear sweep voltammetry
    • Chrono-amperometry
    • Chrono-coulometry
    • Chrono-potentiometry

    Corrosion measurement

    • Tafel plot
    • Potentiodynamic
    • Potentiostatic
    • Galvanostatic
    • Cyclic polarization
    • Ecorr vs. time
    • Linear polarization resistance


    • Auxiliary voltage & temperature measurement
    • Rack mount system available
    • Multiple control board configuration available
    • Battery jig

    Product Images

    WBCS mid power type
    WBCS mid power type
    ZIVE SP & PP Series
    ZIVE SP1
    ZIVE BP/MP Series
    ZIVE MP1-4CH housing