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IVMAN, DC Data Analysis Software
  • For analysis of DC data and battery test data

    Software Package

    • IVMANTM software
    • IVMANTM utilities
      - differential analysis(battery analysis)
      - extractor
      - peak find module
      - harmonic analysis
      - Tafel analysis
    • free for WonATech's data format (*.sdo, *.sde, *.wdf, *.rfd) analysis
      - no license code is needed.


    IVMAN Main Software


    • electrochemical analysis software
    • ideal for DC corrosion data analysis and electro-analytical data analysis
    • initial guessing function on Tafel analysis
    • automatic Tafel fitting
    • polarization resistance fitting
    • 3D graph
    • find peak function
    • interpolation, differentiation, integration etc.
    • reporting function




      Tafel initial fitting


      Tafel analysis result



      Polarization resistance fitting


      Polarization analysis result




      Time graph (I/V/AuxV vs. time)


      CV graph




      3D graph


      Edit data menu




      Fine peak menu

      Universal graph


    IVMAN Diff. Software


    • battery test data analysis
    • electrochemical voltage spectroscopy (dQ/dV vs. V)
    • voltage vs. capacity analysis (V vs. Q)
    • cycle graph (Q vs. cycle)
    • differential voltage graph (dV/dQ vs. Q)



      Measured data


      V vs. Q



      Cycle graph


      dQ/dV vs. V




      dV/dQ vs. Q


      Export ASCII file






    • extracting data by cycle number or step
    • export ASCII file





    Peak Find Module

    • independent peak finding software





      Tafel Analysis Module



      Tafel analysis

      Tafel analysis result


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