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SmartE Series
Smart E

Domestic Sales Only

  • For mWatt to kWatt fuel cell test (PEMFC, DMFC etc.)
  • Customized configuration is available.



    • PEM & DMFC single cell fuel cell test system



    • fully integrated fuel cell test system
    • for mWatt to kWatt fuel cell testing (PEMFC, DMFC etc.)
    • customized configuration available
    • automatic purge gas control
    • temperature measurement and control external anode & cathode line and cell
    • various safety functions
    • fully automatic operation by PC control
    • max. 4 channel controllable with a PC
    • accurate electronic load or potentiostat/galvanostat
    • EIS option available
    • powerful software with independent data analysis software



    Smart B controller

    The Smart ETM fuel cell test system is fully automated and integrated at a very attractive
    price.  Our control and measurement software with powerful graphical user interface makes
    you easy to operate the Smart E
    TM fuel cell test system.

    The Smart “B” controller is used for 100Watt Smart2
    TM sereis but it can used for simple configured
    fuel cell test system over over 100Watt application in Smart E
    TM fuel cell test system.  This controller
    is very compact and proper for simple configuration.

    Maximum 4 sets of Smart B controllers can be used for fuel cell test system having complicated
    configuration such as multiple cell voltage monitoring and cell temperature monitoring etc.


    Configurable Equipment/Device List Using Smart B Controller

    • valve control : max. 8ea
      - solenoid valve, 3-way valve etc.
    • MFC
      - anode (max. 5sets) and cathode (max. 2sets)
    • check valve : no limit
    • membrane type humidifier : 2ea
    • automatic water feeding for humidifier : 2ea
    • temperature controller (with line heater & thermocouples), 7sets
      humidifier temperature controller : 2sets
      - instrument inside gas line temperature controller : 2sets
      - instrument outside gas line temperature controller : 2sets
      - stack or cell temperature controller : 1set
    • pressure measurement : 2sets
    • back pressure regulator (auto or manual) : 2sets
    • additional analog input : 4 ea for measurement of temperature, voltage, pressure etc.
    • optional analog input : 32ea for cell voltage monitoring and/or cell temperature monitoring etc.
    • liquid pump for methanol or ethanol etc. (piston type) instead of MFC for anode
    • internal, external load bank or potentiostat/galvanostat : 1set
    • system controller with emergency switch
    • control PC(option) with WFTS software
    • interface boards with cables
    • (multichannel) impedance monitor
    • zero voltage booster
    • fuel cell stack jig
    • differential pressure gauge
    • moisture trap (auto/ manual)
    • DI water filter module
    • fuel cell hardware fixture


    Configurable Equipment/Device List Using Max. 4 sets of Smart B Controllers

    System can be configurabel within following specification.

    - max. digital input : 256 ports
    - max. digital output : 512 ports
    - max. analog input : 12*16=192 ports
    - max. analog output : 128 ports


    * DI(digital input)
      - shut down, water level sensor, external device's signal input etc.
    * DO(digital output)
      - control valve(solenoid valve; flow on/off), 3-way valve(dry/wet gas selection),
         SSR(heater) control, relay control etc.
    * AI(analog input)
      - voltage reading, MFC data reading, temperature reading, pressure reading etc.
    * AO(analog output)
      - MFC control, external device by voltage setting control etc.

    • MFC
    • liquid pump (methanol/ethanol etc.)
    • check valves
    • solenoid valve, 3 way valve etc.
    • humidifiers
    • automatic water feeding
    • H2/CO gas detectors
    • temperature controller with measurement
    • temperature measurement only
    • humidity measurement
    • pressure measurement
    • (multichannel) impedance monitor
    • external potentiostat/galvanostat
    • automatic back pressure regulator instead of manual type back
      pressure regulator
    • zero voltage booster
    • faradaic oven
    • fuel cell stack jig
    • stack cooling system
    • stack multichannel temperature monitor (each cell)
    • stack multichannel voltage monitor (each cell)
    • differential pressure gauge
    • moisture trap (auto/manual)
    • DI water filter module
    • conductivity measurement with DI water chamber
    • fuel cell hardware fixture
    • L type or H type housing (with/without fuel cell chamber)


    Block diagram
    Smart ETM system configuration example



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