Product | Fuel Cell Test System
Smart2 Series
Smart2 DM
  • For 100Watt DMFC single cell test
  • Compact size
  • Consists of electronic load, gas/liquid controller,
        humidifier and methanol pump etc.


    • DMFC single cell fuel cell test system



    • for 100Watt DMFC single cell
    • fully integrated compact size
    • automatic purge gas control
    • temperature measurement and control external anode & cathode line and cell
    • various safety functions
    • fully automatic operation by PC control
    • max. 4 channel controllable with a PC
    • accurate electronic load for fuel cell application
    • stoichiometric control is available
    • piston pump for methanol flow control
    • powerful software with independent data analysis software
    • by adding humidifier and MFC, system upgrade to SMART2PEM/DMTM is possible


    Smart B Controller

    The SMART2DMTM uses Smart “B” controller. This controller is suitable for simple
    configuration for single cell test and compact designed.  The controller supports the
    followings by using AI(analog input), AO(analog output), DI(digital input) and DO(digital output).

    • MFCs and or liquid pumps control
    • Heating and cooling control
    • Valve control (gas flowing on/off, dry/wet gas selection etc.)
    • Electronic load control
    • Humidifier control
    • Water supply control
    • Back pressure regulator control (option)
    • Measurement of temperature, voltage, pressure, humidity etc.


    Standard Configuration List

    • solenoid valve : 2ea (oxidant gas, purge gas)
    • MFC for cathode & purge gas control : 1ea
    • check valve : 3ea
    • methanol pump : 1set
    • temperature controller (with line heater & thermocouples) : 3set
      - instrument outside gas line temperature controller : 2set
      - stack or cell temperature controller : 1set
    • electronic load : 1set
    • cathode humidifier (“A” type only)
    • system controller including DAQ system with emergency button
    • control PC(option) with Smart software
    • interface boards with cables


    Optional Equipment List

    • MFC for nitrogen
    • H2 gas detectors
    • external humidifier
    • (multichannel) impedance monitor
    • external potentiostat/galvanostat
    • zero voltage booster
    • faradaic oven
    • fuel cell stack jig
    • stack cooling system
    • stack multichannel temperature monitor(each cell)
    • stack multichannel voltage monitor(each cell)
    • differential pressure gauge
    • moisture trap (auto/ manual)
    • DI water filter module
    • conductivity measurement with DI water chamber
    • fuel cell hardware fixture
    • conductivity Cell
    • L type housing (with/without fuel cell chamber)


    Block Diagram

    Smart2DMTM standard configuration without optional devices

    a) block diagram of Smart2DMTM with humidifier

    b) block diagram of Smart2DMTM without humidifier


    Hardware Specification

    • MFC (Mass Flow Controller), 1ea
      - max. flow rate : air 5 slpm
      - accuracy : 1% full scale
    • 100W single cell application
      - cathode gas flow rate : 0.1 ~ 5 slpm
    • methanol pump, 1set
      - PC control type piston pump
      - 0.1 ~ 45 cc/min flow rate control
    • built-in precision electronic load
      - 4 ranges (voltage & current)
      - max. 200Watt (max. 100Amp, max. 50V)
      - standard : 10V(1,2,5,10V) 50A(5,10,50,100Amp)
        other ranges available
      - control : CC, CV , CP, StepI, StepV, StepP
    • humidified or dry gas selectable signal for external humidifier's
      3 way valve (a system with humidifier only)
      - PC control
    • temperature control system
      - control & measurement : 3 points
      - gas line 1, fuel line 1, cell temperature 1
    • compact size
      - 500 x 400 x 500 (WxHxD mm) : a system with humidifier
      - 430 x 230 x 430 (WxHxD mm) : a system without humidifier


    Product Image

    Smart2DMTM with humidifier


    b) Smart2DMTM without humidifier


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