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    ZIVE SP1, the compact type potentiostat/galvanostat/FRA, is the best choice for the complete DC and impedance characterization of various electrochemical application.  System is designed under FPGA and DSP control with high speed capability with

      DAC control: Two set of high speed 16 bit DAC(50MHz) for offset & scanning & one set

                                  of 16 bit DAC(1MHz) for auxiliary analog output control

      ADC reading: Two set of 16 bit 500kHz ADC for reading voltage/current and 1 channel

                                  16 bit 250kHz ADCs for auxiliary data. It can provide high frequency EIS,

                                   fast pulse techniques with options and high speed sampling time.


    ZIVE SP1 is equipped with a frequency response analyzer(FRA) for system as standard and it provides high performance impedance measurements over the frequency range 10uHz to 1MHz.  ZRA(zero resistance ammeter) function can measure max 1 A in galvanic corrosion technique. ZIVE SP1 can be easily upgraded with  adding optional application software package without returning the system to the factory for upgrade.


    ZIVE SP1’s system comes with auxiliary voltage input.




      1.  When communication failure between PC and ZIVE SP1 occurs, running channel will continue the experiments and save the data into ZIVE memory up to 350,000 data point set. When the communication is recovered, ZIVE will transfer saved data to PC. User can transfer data set from ZIVE to PC anytime. This function will be highly efficient for long time experiment.

      2.  User can define safety condition setting by inputting his/her own safety levels for voltage, current, power,AuxV etc. If the measurement value exceeds this setting value, the system will automatically stop to protect the system and cell.

      3.  If control value of voltage or current is different from measured value, the experiment will be stop automatically to protect the cell.

      4. Automatic calibration function is supplied for user calibration.  The system is controlled from a PC via USB or an Ethernet connection(Future function).



    ZIVE SP21 compact type electrochemical workstation is ideal for fundamental research in electrochemistry, development and quality assurance of new sensors, corrosion/coatings, electrode material, membrane, conducting polymer, evaluation power device research such as battery materials, fuel cells, super capacitors and solar cells.


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