Product | Impedance Monitor
Z# Series
  • Multichannel impedance monitor
  • A flexible frequency generator/analyzer
  • Impedance measurement for 5 cells available
  • Supporting external load/potentiostat
        - TDI XBL series
        - Other3rd parties potentiostat/galvanostat


    • Battery
    • Fuel cell
    • Super capacitor
    • Solar cell
    • Corrosion
    • Material test
    • Sensor
    • Other Echem experiments


    • for versatile AC impedance experiment of serial connected multi cells such as fuel cell stack/battery pack etc.
    • 6 signal input channel/1 signal output channel per set
    • 5 series cells EIS measurement or 4 cells EIS with stack voltage EIS measurement
    • channel expandable
    • a flexible frequency generator/analyzer
    • generate various waveforms (e.g. Sinusoidal etc.)
    • designed for spectrum analysis in the electrochemical field
    • simulation and fitting with ZmanTM
      - no license is needed.
    • high current application with external load and/or potentiostat/galvanostat
    • graphic-based user-interface
    • dual real time graph (Bode, Nyquist etc.) during measurement
    • Z100 Navigator software free upgrade
    • supporting external load/potentiostat
      - TDI Power's XBL series electronic load
      - 3rd parties potentiostat/galvanostat having I-OUT, E-OUT, SIG-IN terminal

    For the past two decades, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy(EIS) has emerged as the most powerful of electrochemical techniques for defining reaction mechanisms, for investigating corrosion processes and for the characterization of batteries and fuel cells.

    The Z# series provide all tools for the application of fuel cell stack, battery pack, multi cells and general electrochemcial study requiring multichannel EIS for serial connected cells.

    By employing electronic load, the Z# can be used to determine the efficiency of fuel cell and anodic/cathodic process mechanism by calculating impedance with the measurements of I and E at given frequency. The complete system is software-controlled and all functions such as ranging, calibration, and measurements can be automated.


    Z100 NavigatorTM

    • Mode
      - with electronic load
      * frequency response analyzer (FRA)
      * high frequency resistometry (HFR)
      - with 3rd parties potentiostat/galvanostat
      * galvanostatic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy(GEIS)
      * galvanostatic HFR (GHFR)
      * potentiostatic EIS (PEIS)
      * cyclic voltammetry (CV)
      * linear sweep voltammetry (LSV)
      * square wave voltammetry (SWV)
      - channel selection : enable/disable
      - power spectrum display
      - waveform generation
    • please refer to Z100 Navigator for more detailed information.

    Product Images

    Z# Front view

    Z# Rearview

    Z# Channel expansion

    For 20 cells EIS measurement, 4 sets of Z#106are needed.
    Then, you can measure EIS of 20 cells or 19 cells with one total
    fuel cell stack(or battery pack).
    One Z#106 will work as master and other 3 sets will work as slaves.

    Z#106 with Dynaload RBL488 sereis electronic load

    Z#106 with WonATech WELsereis electronic load

    Accessories for Fuel Cell Test
    Membrane Conductivity Cell
    ZMAN, Impedance Data Analysis Software