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ZMAN 임피던스 데이터 분석 소프트웨어

impedance 데이터 분석용 소프트웨어입니다.
모델 simulation, fitting 기능, 2D/3D Bode & Nyquist plot, 자동 등가회로 모델 검색 기능 등을 지원하며, ZIVE Series의 제품을 통해 얻은 EIS 데이터는 별도의 라이센스 구매 없이 데이터 분석이 가능하며, 타사 제품의 경우 라이센스를 구매하셔야 합니다. 



impedance 데이터 분석용 소프트웨어입니다.


주요 기능

  • Model simulation and fitting
  • 2D- and 3D-Bode- and Nyquist plots
  • Automatic equivalent circuit model search function
  • Project concept to handle multiple EIS data analysis
  • Parameter plot from fitted elements value
  • Compatible with data format from Zahner, Gamry, Ametek etc.
    (License code is needed)
  • Various weighting algorithm
  • Model library and user model
  • KK plot
  • Batch fitting for project data
  • Impedance parameter simulation
  • Interpolate bad data
  • Black-Nichols plot
  • 3D graph setting option
  • Improved model editor
  • Application model library for automatic searching
  • Parameter simulation of model
  • Genetic algorithm option for initial guessing
  • Automatic initial guessing
  • Trace movie function on fitting
  • Free for ZIVE’s data format(*.seo, *.wis) analysis
    (No license code required)
  • Circle fitting
  • Data editing available (insert, delete, edit)
  • Add/subtract element parameters
  • Add/subtract model parameters
  • Impedance,Z in polar, admittance, Y in Polar, modulus,
    M in polar, dielectric constant, E in polar. data display
  • Empty cell capacitance calculation
  • Find file function
  • Data replacement by formula function
  • Cursor data display
  • Model finding result automatic sorting by Chi square value
  • R, C R,L R, Q preview & graphic
  • ZHIT function
  • Mott-Schottky analysis
  • Donor density vs. Vfb graph
  • C vs. voltage graph


     3D Bode plot for series measuremnet

      Parameter plot

     Importing 3rd parties ASCII data file

     Project manager with data preview
     Cursor data display
     Data replacement by formula function
    Fitting display

    Model editor & model library
     Automatic model searching
     LEVM fitting
     Parameter simulation
     Element add/subtraction
     Finding data file menu
     Circular fitting
     2D Nyquist plot
     2D Bode plot
     Rp, Cp vs frequency (R|C)
     Empty cell capacitance
     Donor density vs. Vfb graph and analysis
     KK consistency
    Mott-Schottky analysis window
     C/R-V graph 


Sample 동영상


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